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Join a community of learners and doers who want to build work for a sustainable future.

Who We Are

Whether you're looking to start something cool, grow your work or just here to learn, Venture into Good is a shared space for connection, discovery and growth.

We're looking for entrepreneurs, business owners, non-profit leaders, corporate executives, creatives, freelancers, educators, and youths who want to build work for a sustainable future.Β 

  • Connect with members who want to learn and succeed together
  • Discover new perspectives so you can start thinking about creating positive impact
  • Access practical tools and resources to achieve your goals while driving value


Why You Should Join

🀝 Be Part of Our Network

Discover a collective of learners and doers who share your passion for building work that will contribute to a sustainable future.

πŸ—“Β Monthly Events

Engage in thoughtful learning experiences β€” of course, some are just for fun! 😜

  • Facilitated member meetups
  • Unexpected guest speaker sharings
  • Hands-on workshops
  • Bootcamps

πŸ—£Β Focused Topics

Be part of lively discussions around shared interests.Β 

  • Gain and contribute new insights around specific themes
  • Pick up practical tips and advice from fellow members
  • Discover and shop our impact marketplace

πŸ§‘β€πŸ«Β Enriching Classes

Access an ever-expanding library of originally designed courses and community-driven masterclasses to supercharge your personal learning experience - expect edutainment videos, downloadable resources, fun quizzes and more! All starter plans come with one Introduction to Purposeful Business class.

πŸ™†Β Committed Communities

Develop close connections with members in exclusive groups:

  • Build accountability by sharing your progress
  • Get expert input from moderators and mentorsΒ 
  • Participate in exclusive events designed with you in mind

πŸ™† Tools

Discounts from partners on productivity tools, software and events.Β